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Welcome to Art That Is Challenging, Educational and Energizing


International Artists' Day 2020

We believe in celebrating artists every day, but to give them a special place of honour on their official day we hosted a spectacular gallery with works from the Beaumont Artists Association. It was a wonderful afternoon filled with board game fun and a feast like no other! Thank you to everyone who came by to make this celebration so special!

Back to Business:  Rock the Block Market

Small but Mighty...

Our two-day event saw one day of cool and one day of wind, but the set up at Bryant Heritage Plaza kept our vendors solid and we had amazing pizza and tacos to keep us warm, along with a coffee shop set up to keep the Java flowing!

The Beaumont International Festival 2020

Summer Camp 2020

Creative Writing in a whole new way

"I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, 

my courage is reborn."

--Anne Frank

Christmas Craft Night at the Studio

The Phoenix Theatre Troupe 2019/20!

Keep an eye on this group, they are LOADS of fun every Saturday morning. 

We start each session with new actors joining our troupe! Come play with us!

The Upstairs Gallery 2019

Halloween Haunt - the After Party

The Scare Factory:

Special Effects Make-Up with Emily Bayer

RuminariLive Arts for photo shoots!

Fall in Canada Gallery:  'The Ability to Feel'

September 21st, 2019 Nova Scotian Artist Jannis Sanford was on hand to meet art lovers in Beaumont for her Gallery, The Ability to Feel

Musician Justice Sanford played to the enjoyment of all.

Live & In Color Puppet Troupe!

We had an amazing time with HomesCool at the Beaumont Library, and loved filming some Holiday classics for you all in 2020! 

Now we are rehearsing our next Show!

Beaumont's First Fringe Show! 

The Rural Roots Fair 

Setting Up the Design High Gallery 2019 

Ecole Secondaire Beaumont Composite Art Exhibit at RuminariLive Arts