Beaumont Fringe Fringe 2020

Alberta's own Comedians Bob Beddow and Cindy Rivers took the studio stage on Friday and Saturday, while Martin Kerr and Andrew Scott took over the outside for a night of live music on Sunday Night. 

 Tiger's Hearts Collective premiered their new work-in-progress,

Sorra Cara (Latin for Dear Sister)

The research behind this gem of a piece was when the writer/performers came across a letter.  A birthday invitation from the year 100AD, written in Roman Britain from Claudia Severa to her friend Lepidina.  This is the first sample of a woman's handwriting in Latin ever discovered.

And so the play so beautifully presented on two levels came to Beaumont in 2020 on August twenty-second.

The Gin Game

Valentines Dinner and Show 

at RuminariLive

Written by K.L. Cobern. 

 Directed by Adrian Truss.

Starring Bruce Hunter and Erica Wood

February 14-16, 2020

The Gin Game was first produced in September of 1976 by American Theatre Arts in a 56-seat theater at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Argyle in Los Angeles.  

Gustave Flaubert "We laugh with pity at the vanity of the human will." 

Bad Baby Presents:  Rules Control the Fun

Directed by Briana Brown

Solo Show starring Janelle Hanna

Rules Control the Fun ​is a hilarious play about love, vulnerability, and shame. Self-proclaimed Fringe expert Bad Baby wanted to become an actor so that she could sleep in and kiss boys. But lately, she hasn’t gotten to do either of those things. Now, all of that is about to change. Showcasing exceptional acting skills, unmatched good looks, a huge range of emotional faces, a balloon arch, and a surprise you can’t miss! 

Janelle Hanna brought Bad Baby to life in a performance that Mooney on Theatre called “Emotionally moving...flawless.”

Hailed as “A true Fringe gem!” The Show was part of the line up at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival and kickstarted the  Beaumont Fringe in 2019.