Theatre Classes

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Winter: Jan. 22 - March 23, 2020

Spring: March 30 - May 20, 2020

Summer: June 29 - Aug. 10, 2020

Picasso's Playground

Art class for pre-schoolers!  This class is designed to teach young minds good craftsmanship, and creative problem-solving. Students will work in a variety of wet and dry mediums exploring both 2D and 3D art as well as lettering, creative storytelling, and design. Lessons are step by step in a small group setting, so this is the ideal beginner art class for children age 5 - 7. 


We draw inspiration from nature, culture, and iconic artists like MC Escher and Walt Disney. 

Wednesdays 1-2pm - Ages:  5-7

Session Cost:   120$

The Pheonix Theatre Troup

Create characters from your imagination, progress the plot on the spot, develop your own dance moves and work as a team to become an awesome ensemble. Each week we will be playing games and making crafts AND following the yellow brick road to the Land of Oz, meeting wonderful characters along the way to fantastical places.

FAMILIES & FRIENDS are invited to our show on the final day!

Saturdays 10-1145 - Ages:  6-12

Session Cost:   150$

Be Magnetic

The focus on improvised drama means that there is no such thing as a wrong answer – students are coached to unleash their creative expression, growing their speech and drama skills along the way.

Our teen-driven program is all about technique and finding the voice of teens. The program runs once a week and is focused on new works and a contemporary voice discovered through the classics.  This program will have guest teachers, working actors, and directors to discuss their journey in a question and answer studio format.  

FAMILIES & FRIENDS are invited to our show on the last day!

Saturdays 2-4 - Ages 13-18 

Session Cost:  150$

Afternoon T

Here is a theatre exploration for people who are stay-at-home.   Each week will have a new theme to inspire the sessions.

Discover different styles of improvisation, games, theatre exercises and character work.  Step out of the mundane and seize this opportunity to explore some new things!

Tuesdays 1-2pm 17+

Session Cost 100$

 Seriously Fun Stage Combat

These courses are designed to train stage combatants.  With more and more theatre productions coming out with fights, it's important for everyone to know what makes up a great fight.  The number one thing to learn first is safety.  After this, we work on making the performers look good and make the fights believable.  Learn the tricks and tools fo the theatre and film industry.  Even if you have never picked up a sword, and are not an actor, but always wanted to try, this is seriously good fun.  Ages 16+

Friday 7-9pm 

Session Cost 180$

The Barnstormer Solidarity

Prince Hamlet is in town for his father’s funeral. His Mother, the Queen has married his uncle, who is the brother of the late king. Hamlet’s thrown has been usurped! The King’s ghost appears and says that he was murdered!!

What else can go wrong?

FAMILIES & FRIENDS: Join us to find out on the final day!

Thursdays 10-11am 

Session Cost 120.00$

Did we mention we have an Armoury?

Drop in Class

Rumble at Ruminari  

Every Tuesday, 730-9pm

Each week we will explore a new skill that will be focused on. Featuring: scratching, gouging, bludgeoning and a whole lot more 15$ drop in for a different theatrical experience every week! Sign up your email so you know what is coming up! Ages 16+